IARC Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered?

o Module 1a – Cancer Survival Methods for Cancer Registries
  • Essentials for cancer survival studies in countries in transition: organisation; follow-up coverage; life table methods
  • Loss-adjusted and relative survival analysis: population life tables; relative survival analysis; active tracing of cancer patients; data quality indices; loss-adjusted survival estimation approaches
  • Eliciting prognostic factors for survival – Multifactorial analysis: purpose and impact of hospital and population-based cancer survival on cancer control; Cox proportional hazard model; survival modelling by computer software
  • Introduction to the SurvCan-3 study protocol and call for collaboration.
o Module 1b – Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
  • Cancer Control Overview
  • Cancer risk factors and prevention strategies/approaches
  • Principles and implementation of screening programs
o Module 2 – Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology
  • The practical application of epidemiological principles and methods to various cancer control activities;
  • The search for causes of cancer;
  • The implementation and evaluation of control programmes.

What professionals are targeted?

o Cancer registry staff, health workers, health-related professionals, and post-graduate students.

What countries are targeted?

o Professionals from all countries can apply. Priority is given to applicants from low- and medium-resource countries.

Will I have to pay and how much?

o There is a fee of 500 Euros for one module and 600 Euros for two modules. This fee is only charged to participants from high-income countries, other participants are exempt o Your travel (cf. next question) o Your living expenses in Lyon are estimated at around 660 Euros per week (cf. next question)

Is there financial support for accommodation/travel/living expenses?

o Financial support is available for some of the selected participants. Criteria for this financial support are the following:
  • Participants from low-resource countries may be offered travel and living expenses;
  • Participants from medium-resources countries may be offered living expenses only, and would have to find other financial support for their travel.

How do I apply?

o You should apply online here. Your application must be submitted together with a letter of support from your supervisor.