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Dr Daniel Middleton

UK, Postdoctoral Fellow Call 2015

“I am an Environmental Scientist by training and am now in the field of Environmental Epidemiology, investigating the etiology of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in East Africa. I had high expectations [when I applied for the IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship], but was not fully expecting how transformative and enriching it would turn out to be. It has helped me to realize by true passion for this particular topic or research, while enabling me to utilize my inter-disciplinary skill set to complement the research. I have received mentoring of the highest standard from my supervisor, who has passed on much of her knowledge and enthusiasm for research to me. This has played a big part in my desire to stay on working in the section as a postdoctoral scientist. I stayed on in the Section as a postdoctoral scientist. This is funded by a grant we were awarded during my tenure as a Fellow. This has enabled me to continue working on the same project.”

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Published in section: IARC Fellows

Publication date: 18 July, 2019, 14:36

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