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1 October 2019

IARC BELMED Training Course (8-11 October 2019) in Minsk, Belarus

The first workshop on multidisciplinary team for Belarus radiologists and pathologists, strengthen with the first UK test reading mammographic images, will take place in Belarus (Minsk) on 8-11 October 2019. It will be conducted by a group of international experts in radiology, pathology and mammography imaging. This course is part of a joint programme funded by the European Union on prevention of non-communicable diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyle and support to modernization of the health system in Belarus (BELMED). It is a coordinated project between different UN organizations (UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UFPA and IARC), in which IARC participates in the implementation of a national breast cancer screening program in Belarus. For more information please contact Dr Vitaly Smelov, IARC Prevention and Implementation Group,

During October “Breast Cancer Awareness Month“, stay tuned on IARC YouTube channel and Twitter account over the coming weeks to learn more about how IARC scientists and partners are tackling breast cancer, the most common cancer type in women and the second most common cancer type overall.

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