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29 March 2021

2021 IARC-Korea NCC Joint Summer School on Cancer Registration – Application Closed

The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR), the International Agency for Research on Cancer together with the Korean National Cancer Center (NCC) and its Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (GCSP) are pleased to announce that the application to the online IARC-Korean NCC Joint Summer School on “Cancer Registration: Principles and Methods” on 13-15 July 2021, is now open.

This training opportunity is targeting participants from South, South-East and East Asia. The course will focus on fundamentals of planning and developing population-based cancer registries. The online application will be opened until 31 May 2021. Information on course and application process can be found here.

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Publication date: 29 March, 2021, 13:38

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