CICAMS-IARC Joint training course “China ASEAN Cancer Prevention and Control Program”

Based on their respective experience in training and their common goal to train more health professionals, CICAMS and IARC have established a Joint Training Programme to reduce the cancer burden in China and the ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam) through promoting researchers/health professionals` knowledge and expertise in planning and implementing effective cancer control programs.

The goal of this programme is to contribute to the reduction of the burden of cancer by increasing health professionals` knowledge and capacity for cancer prevention, as well as fostering the development of evidence-based national cancer control plans to decrease cancer incidence and mortality in China and the ASEAN countries.

The objectives of the course are the following:

  • To transfer state-of-the-art knowledge of cancer prevention and control to health administrators, clinicians, policy makers, researchers and other health professionals from different parts of China and the ASEAN countries.
  • To create a cadre of public health and clinical professionals who will be able to implement and monitor future developments in the field of cancer control, translate their knowledge into cancer control research and practice, design and disseminate evidence-based interventions and policy approaches at a variety of institutional settings and governmental levels.
  • To create a group of master-trainers in cancer control.
  • To enhance the leadership and international communication and cooperation skills of health professionals and researchers in China and the ASEAN countries.
  • To build a network and promote the collaboration between China and the ASEAN countries in cancer control to decrease the cancer burden

The training programme was successfully implemented in 2017, 2018 and 2019 resulting in over 100 participants and 30 observers, all health professionals involved in cancer control, being trained in the Asian region. More information here.