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International courses

Specialized courses are organized by IARC scientific groups, sometimes with the support of the Learning and Capacity Building Branch (LCB) and often co-organized with external partners and held at diverse locations throughout the world.

Courses on cancer registration have been organized as part of the framework of the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (GICR). This regional training supports the establishment of regional hubs that will provide technical support for cancer registries, and the establishment of regional training programmes.
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In addition, courses organized by the IARC Screening Group have led to the establishment of collaborative cervical cancer prevention training schools in India, Angola, Guinea, Tanzania, Brazil, and Peru that play an active role in training in their respective regions.
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The Agency also has a strong interest in more advanced courses. Specialized methodological courses include one on Statistical Practice in Epidemiology with R, in collaboration with members of the R development team.
In addition, courses on the CanReg5 software are available.

Recently held at IARC

EMBO Practical Course: “Metabolomics Bioinformatics in Human Health”
16-20 September 2019, IARC, Lyon, France – Next edition in February 2021
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Collaboration with partners

International courses are also organized in collaboration with partners. One example is the CICAMS-IARC joint Training Programme (2017-2019) “China-ASEAN Cancer prevention and control”.

Inspired by the IARC Summer School module “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection”, the IARC Screening Group and the Learning and Capacity Building Branch (formerly called Education and Training Group) in collaboration with the Chinese National Cancer Center/Cancer Academy of Medical Sciences (CICAMS) and the support of the Cancer Foundation of China, have developed a joint training programme: “CICAMS-IARC China-ASEAN Cancer prevention and control”. The goal of this programme is to contribute to the reduction of the burden of cancer by increasing health professionals` knowledge and capacity for cancer prevention, as well as fostering the development of evidence-based national cancer control plans to decrease cancer incidence and mortality in China and the ASEAN coutries.
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