Fellowship Testimonials

Dr Michael Munishi Oreste, Medical Doctor, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania

Dr Michael Munishi Oresto
IARC Summer School participant & First awardee of the UICC-IARC Development Fellowship (2012)
Affiliation: Medical Doctor, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania
Stay at IARC: June-July 2012 and April-July 2013

Interview recorded one year after the course, at the end of the fellowship

Could you present yourself?     [MP4]

What were your expectations when you first applied to the IARC Summer School? Were the expectations fulfilled?     [MP4]

In your opinion, what were the best aspects of the IARC Summer School?     [MP4]

How do you use what you learned during the Summer School in your current work?     [MP4]

What were you expecting when you applied to the IARC UICC Fellowship?     [MP4]

Now that you are closed to the end of your visit, how has your time here been helpful for your project?     [MP4]

What were the most positive aspects of your experience?     [MP4]