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IFCPC-IARC UNFPA/EECA – “Colposcopy & Management of Cervical Precancers” Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and “Train Clinical Trainers”


The International Federation of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (IFCPC), IARC, and the United Nations Population Fund – Eastern Europe Central Asia office (UNFPA-EECA) held an OSCE (see photo) for the first 25 candidates who had completed the online lectures and practical hands-on components of the course.

This was followed by a ‘Train Clinical Trainers’ seminar targeting prospective trainers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries in their Colposcopy & Management of Cervical Precancers course. This empowered 7 skilled colposcopists to become clinical trainers to oversee trainees become skilled colposcopists by adopting the global standards of the IFCPC-IARC-UNFPA training course in colposcopy and management of cervical precancers.

Read more about the IFCPC/IARC/UNFPA-EECA course on IFCPC website and Central Asia UNFPA website

11 - 12 December 2017
IARC , Lyon, France
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