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IARC Summer School – Frequently Asked Questions

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What topics are covered?
Module Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology:

  • The practical application of epidemiological principles and methods to various cancer control activities;
  • The search for causes of cancer;
  • The implementation and evaluation of control programmes.

Module on Cancer Registration:

  • Generally covering an advanced topic in that field such as Cancer survival methods for Cancer Registries, Data analysis…

Module on Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early Detection:

  • Cancer Control Overview
  • Cancer risk factors and prevention strategies/approaches
  • Principles and implementation of screening programs
What professionals are targeted?

Cancer registry staff, health workers, health-related professionals, and post-graduate students.

What countries are targeted?

Professionals from all countries can apply. Priority is given to applicants from low- and medium-resource countries.

Will I have to pay and how much?

There is a fee to attend one or two modules and determined at the time of the call (600 Euros for two modules in 2019). The fee is charged to participants from high-income countries, other participants are currently exempt. The rest of the costs related to travel and living expenses in Lyon remains at your charge unless you qualify for support (cf. next question). For information, living costs are estimated at around 700 Euros per week in Lyon.

Is there financial support for accommodation/travel/living expenses?

Financial support is available for some of the selected participants. Criteria for this financial support are the following:

  • Participants from low-resource countries may be offered travel and living expenses;
  • Participants from medium-resources countries may be offered living expenses only, and would have to find other financial support for their travel.
How do I apply?

You should apply online and follow the instructions detailed in the call. You will be requested to submit a letter of support from your supervisor together with your application.

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