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Career Support – Generic Internal Courses
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Internal courses are organized on a regular basis in order to equip early career scientists with essential transferable skills.

The list of courses is planned on a biennial basis (i.e. subject to change).

See below the courses taught in 2018-2019.

Research Skills Development

Analysing TCGA data in the cloud
Basic UNIX for handling large datasets
Data Preparation and Formatting
Ergonomics in Laboratories                 
Good IARC Laboratory Practice (7 sessions)
Good Pipetting Practices
Introduction to Biostatistics
Introduction to HPC and the IARC Linux Clusters
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Epidemiology
Nextflow: reproducible and portable bioinformatics data-analyses
Pathology of Cancer – Basic principles for non-pathologists
Statistical Practice in Epidemiology using R
Using the IARC nextflow bioinformatics pipelines

Writing Skills

Copyright Issues
Documentation and In-depth searching to support systematic reviews
Effective Scientific Posters
EndNote Basic (twice a year)
EndNote Advanced (thrice)
EndNote for Systematic Review (twice)
Grant Writing (twice)
Publishing in Scientific Journals
PubMed Workshop (twice a year)
Systematic Reviews Search Methodology (thrice)
Web of Science
Zotero (thrice)

IT Skills

Electronic Laboratory Notebook (Thrice)
Electronic Laboratory Notebook outside laboratories
Excel Intermediate Course (twice)
REDCap for data collection (twice)
REDCap for surveys (twice)
Share Point (twice)

Communication Skills

Dealing with conflicts in a multicultural environment
Dialogue on Respect (WHO Ombudsman Office)
Instructor Development Course

Career Management / Development

Managing your Career during the 4th Industrial Revolution (WHO Global Talent Management – online)
Professional and Career Development Course (twice)
Webex – A Holistic Approach to Career Management”(online)

Leadership and Management

Financial Management
Make your research count
Project Management Course (twice)
Task Management (twice)

MOOC (massive online open course) reimbursement scheme offered for:

Statistical skills and Bioinformatics; Introduction to Public Speaking; Work Smarter, Not Harder, Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

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