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EMBO Practical Course – Metabolomics Bioinformatics

EMBO Practical Course “Metabolomics Bioinformatics in Human Health” 

16-20 September 2019, IARC, Lyon, France

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The EMBO Practical Course “Metabolomics Bioinformatics in Human Health” will be held in the International Agency for Research on Cancer on 16-20 September 2019 and will provide an advanced overview with hands-on practical on key issues and challenges in metabolomics, handling datasets and procedures for the analysis of metabolomics data using bioinformatics tools.

Combining lectures from experts, computer-based practical sessions and interactive discussions, the EMBO Practical Course will provide a platform for discussion of the key questions and challenges in this field, from study design to metabolite identification.

This five-day course is aimed at PhD students, post-docs and researchers with at least one to two years of experience in the field of metabolomics who are seeking to improve their skills in metabolomics data analysis. Participants ideally must have working experience using R (including a basic understanding of the syntax and ability to manipulate objects).

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