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IARC Fellowships Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

o Applications can be made by completing the online application form.
Note: Application for the UICC-IARC Development Fellowship is exclusively open to participants of the IARC Summer School (held every year in June-July). Therefore, the selection procedure steps described here do not apply to this Fellowship.

Which research topics are covered?

o Epidemiology (all disciplines included), biostatistics, bioinformatics, and areas related to mechanisms of carcinogenesis, including molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, epigenetics, and molecular pathology. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary projects.

Which research topics are not covered?

o IARC focuses on cancer prevention. Fellowships are not awarded in the fields of clinical medicine, including diagnostics, therapy, or medicinal drugs.

Where can I find details of the research carried out by the Groups at IARC?

o See our web site:

Where can I find the contact details for Group Heads?

o Contact email addresses are found on the “Staff” page of the related Section or Group page.

I did not receive a response from my chosen Group at IARC. Whom can I contact?

o Should you have any difficulty in contacting Groups at IARC, please send a message to

Where can I find information about Lyon?

o See the IARC Welcome Pack

o And also:

What are the next steps after I submit my application?

o Eligibility of candidates is checked by the Pre-selection Committee at the beginning of February. Eligible candidates are contacted for telephone/skype interview during the second half of February or the month of March. The Selection Committee meets at the end of March to review and rank all applications. Candidates are informed of the results of the selection by mid-April.

Will I be interviewed?

o Eligible candidates will be contacted for telephone/skype interview during the second half of February or during the month of March. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes.

When will I hear the results?

o Candidates will be informed of the results by mid-April.

If I am chosen, when can I start my Fellowship?

o Successful candidates can start as from July/August of the year of selection. The start date is to be determined in consultation with the host Group.