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Early Career Scientists
Postdoctoral Scientists

There are two types of postdoctoral opportunities at IARC.

  • IARC Postdoctoral Fellows awarded with an IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship. More information: IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme.
  • Individual postdoctoral positions in the Agency’s scientific research Groups are offered on a regular basis. These positions are independent of the official Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme and are open to candidates of any nationality with a PhD or MD degree.
    For information on other postdoctoral opportunities at IARC, see here.


All IARC Postdoctoral Fellows/Postdoctoral Scientists at the Agency benefit from the Postdoctoral Fellowship Charter, which defines expectations and allows a more structured approach to postdoctoral training at IARC, including opportunities for generic training to equip postdoctoral researchers with essential skills to enhance their career prospects.

Download IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship Charter

See link to the IARC Alumni Group

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