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Early Career Scientists Association

Structure and Activities


ECSA is an internal association within IARC and therefore only open to early career scientists who are currently affiliated with IARC. All new students and postdocs are automatically part of ECSA and are eligible to benefit from any activities organized by the Association.

The Organizing Committee for ECSA is the executive group of the IARC ECSA which oversees IARC ECSA activities and operation. The current organizing committee is composed of:

  • Kayo Togawa and Ivana Kulhanova as Co-chairs
  • Rachel Wasson and Robert Carreras Torres as Co-information officers
  • Laura Trijsburg and Thomas Grainger as Co-commissioners for peer support and social activities
  • Marta Pittavino and Sankhadeep Dutta as Co-commissioners for peer support and social activities; responsible for the Buddy Program
  • Vibha Patil and Roland Wedekind as Co-commissioners for career development and training

The ECSA Organizing Committee can be reached on

ECSA Organizing Committee and Activities

The ECSA Organizing Committee supports, organizes and implements ECSA activities. Any IARC ECSA member can volunteer for the Organizing Committee.

Career Development and Training Commission: organizes forums and meetings with international experts for career development and educational training of IARC ECSA members.

Peer Support and Social Activities Commission: plans social and special events for its members to encourage networking between Early Career Scientists, and provides support to members as required.

ECSA holds an annual ECSA Scientific and Career Day which is a dedicated day of interesting presentations and interactive seminars on important issues related to career development including a career panel with well-known international scientists. ECSA Day gives members an opportunity to present their research and get feedback from their colleagues and peers while learning from each other.

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See ECSA newsletters: