Education and Training Programme News

IARC SUMMER SCHOOL - (19 June-7 July 2017) - 30/11/2016

Three modules are offered this year during the IARC Summer School 19 June-7 July 2017.
Two modules “Cancer Survival Methods for Cancer Registries” and a new module “Implementing Cancer Prevention and Early detection” will run in parallel during the first week 19-23 June, followed by the two-week module “Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology” 26 June-7 July 2017.
The modules are open to health workers and professionals at all levels of experience, engaged in cancer registration, cancer epidemiology, etiological research or cancer monitoring activities.

More information is available from Summer School 2017.
Deadline for applications: 20 January 2017 via our on-line application form.

Call for the IARC Senior Visiting Scientist Award is now CLOSED - 15/12/2016

Next call: September 2017

Call for IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships is now CLOSED - 01/12/2016

Next call: September 2017

Senior Visiting Scientist Awardee 2016 - 26/09/2016

The recipient of the Senior Visiting Scientist Award 2016 is Professor Pär Stattin from the Department of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden, and the Department of Surgical and Perioperative Sciences, Department of Urology and Andrology, Umeå University, Sweden.

IARC BelMed Training Course (30 November-2 December 2016) in Minsk, Belarus - 16/11/2016

The first out of two training courses in implementation of cancer screening programs for the project management team (PMT) and key stakeholders will take place in Belarus (Minsk) on 30 November to 2 December 2016. It will be conducted by a group of international experts in planning, feasibility, and piloting of the screening programs on breast, cervical and colorectal cancers. This course is part of a joint programme funded by the European Union on prevention of non-communicable diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyle and support to modernization of the health system in Belarus (BelMed). It is a coordinated project between different UN organizations (UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UFPA and IARC), in which IARC participates in the implementation of a national breast cancer screening program in Belarus.
More information here.

About the IARC Education and Training Programme

Since its inception in 1965, the IARC Education and Training Programme has had two main goals:

  • to provide training for new generations of cancer researchers and health professionals who wish to pursue a career in cancer research in order to tackle the rising global cancer burden
  • to develop individual and institutional capacity for cancer surveillance, detection, and prevention at the local level.

These missions are fulfilled through the provision of Fellowships, the organization of courses, and the provision of learning and training resources.

Fellowships are offered to both early career and senior scientists.
Although applications from all countries are welcome, those from low- and medium-resource countries, or applications involving projects related to low- and medium-resource countries, are encouraged.

In addition to the Summer School that takes place every year in Lyon, France, IARC also runs training courses worldwide (see Facts and Figures).

IARC's education and training activities are conducted in collaboration with several partners.